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For information about Aweber click here.

“ integration” is offered on the Package’s record.

You can enable the integration by checking the box and replace  the LIST_NAME with your Aweber’s list name.

You can also pass custom fields to Aweber. For example let’s say you want to pass the following details to Aweber:

  • The affiliate’s ID so to suggest new offers to customers and make sure that the affiliate will get the sale.
  • The user’s id so you can instruct the customer how s/he can promote your product/service by giving his/her affiliate links.
  • The customer’s email which is used as a username with memberships.
  • The customer’s password.

Here is how to do this:

First create the custom fields in Aweber; choose the list you want and then select “My Lists/Custom fields” or click here:

Create the following fields:


Inside DELAVO enable the Aweber integration in the Package’s record, change the list’s name as noted and then add the following

custom affiliate=#{}
custom id=#{}
custom username=#{}
custom password=#{Customer.passwd}

inside the “parameters’ textarea right after this line


Test the feature by adding custom fiends in your follow up messages.


Your username is: {!custom username}
Your password is: {!custom password}

Your affiliate link is:{!custom id}

Aweber will parse those custom fields with the information sent by DELAVO when the user signed up via a DELAVO’s package which had the Aweber integration setup.

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