Where can I find the Fast Track Videos?

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Throughout the videos we use TurboMembership.com as a products’ provider for the ebook package we’re going to use. You DON’T need to be a Turbo Member for applying the instructions offered throughout the videos. Again we use Turbo Membership as an example of a products’ provider. You can apply the knowledge for setting up & start selling ANY product.

We also used DELAVO Core (Basic) version. Some screens may not be the same inside the current DELAVO’s version, while DELAVO Gold offers additional features and options too.

We take as granted that you have already followed the instructions on how to setup your DELAVO as rendered by our WIKI at https://delavo.com/wiki/?cat=6

Enjoy the videos!

(You may click on the YouTube’s logo on the top right side of each video and hold CTRL so to watch the videos at YouTube.com)

Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3hS9rjx96s

Step 1

Do the basic DELAVO setup first

Step 2

Part 1: Get ready with a product to sell

Part 2: Getting ready to edit the sales letter

Part 3: Dealing with the javascript code needed by DELAVO for displaying LINKS inside the sales letter

Part 4: Editing the image links using DELAVO’s javascript code

Step 3

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Creating a Product

Part 3: Creating a Package

Part 4: Attaching an affiliate program to a Product, hence adding customers to that affiliate program upon their purchase, and allowing affiliates of a specific affiliate program to promote a Package

Part 5: Updating the sales letter with the actual order links and testing the order links.

Step 4

Introduction to DELAVO’s basic Delivery Options

Part 1: Delivering a product via Instructions only

Part 2: Delivering a file located in a unprotected directory via an encrypted URL

Part 3: Delivering a file located in a protected directory via an encrypted URL

Part 4: Delivering a file via a members’ area


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