The first step is to open <span class="component"><i><b>DELAVO</b></i></span> and click <span class="component"><i><b>Merchant`s settings</b></i></span>

The first section Cron command holds the 2 cron jobs you need to setup in your cPanel. We discuss this in another tutorial.

In&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>Site Name </b></i>add the name of your site.</span>

DELAVO sends many messages and all messages will use the NAME you will specify in&nbsp;<b><i>Send mail from name. </i></b>Example: John Delavera. You're suggested to use a NAME, and not a for ensuring better delivery of your outgoing messages.

Insert the email address to be used with all outgoing messages in <b><i>Send mail from e-mail. </i></b>Example:<br><br><i>NOTE: If you use Amazon SES, then make sure to use an email address you have verified there.&nbsp;</i>

If you want to receive reports when a cron job runs OR fails then insert an email address in&nbsp;<b><i>Tech e-mail.&nbsp;</i></b>

The URL you will include in&nbsp;<span>DELAVO Affiliate URL will be used as a link in 2 places, when people click a) on the DELAVO logo on the top left side of your screen and b) on the "Powered by Delavo" link on the bottom left side of your screen.</span>

The link you will add in&nbsp;<span><i><b>Forum URL&nbsp;</b></i>will be displayed under the <b><i>Help</i></b> option in the navigation menu, so your members can reach your Forum when they're inside their account. Leave it empty if you do not use a forum; you can add it later.&nbsp;</span><br>

The link you will include in&nbsp;<span><i><b>Helpdesk&nbsp;</b></i>will be displayed under the Help option in the navigation menu. Leave it empty if you do not use a helpdesk, however you are suggested to setup the<b><i> Support tickets </i></b>plugin and include the URL here.</span><br>

The default currency is&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>USD United States of America, Dollars. </b></i>You can select any other currency from the drop down menu. <b><u>Only 1 currency can be active.</u></b></span>

Do not deal with&nbsp;<b><i>Backup payment option(s) </i></b>for now.

<b>This is a SECURITY MEASURE. </b>DELAVO records the IP address of each user. For preventing the sharing of usernames and passwords, you can restrict the number of IP addresses 1 user can use. A number like 5 will work fine. Or leave it as is for now.

Most affiliate programs credit the last affiliate that sent the order with a commission. If you want to use that practice leave the default checked option in <b><i>Affiliate prevailing mode</i></b>.&nbsp;

Some marketers credit the INITIAL REFERRER for ANY order placed by the customer/s referred. If you want to follow that practice check the radio button&nbsp;<span><b><i>Credit commissions to the initial (Referred by) affiliate </i></b>- (NOT suggested though)</span>

In the&nbsp;<span><span><span><span><b><i>Email(s) for error messages </i></b>field you can insert more than 1 email addresses, so to notify people if an error occurs in DELAVO. Separate each email address with a comma.<br><br><i>Suggestion: Do not deal with this for now.</i><br><br></span></span></span></span>

In the Autoresponder for customers you can add an autoresponder that accepts submissions via email, hence add new customers to that autoresponder.&nbsp;<br><br><i>Suggestion: Skip it unless you use such an autoresponder (in most of the cases a hosted one)</i>

Click <span class=""><i><b>EDIT MESSAGE</b></i> to edit the message to be sent to each new customer. This is a very useful feature, since this email message can be the introduction to you and your company.</span>

By clicking the EDIT MESSAGE in the previous step, you will be able to craft your email message and include tags that will personalize it per customer. Click&nbsp;<b><i>Click here to see the list of the additional tags</i></b> for the tags you can use in the message.

If you want to use the&nbsp;<b><i>Welcome message for new customers</i></b>&nbsp;functionality remember to&nbsp;<u>uncheck</u>&nbsp;the&nbsp;<b><i>Disable this email</i></b>&nbsp;option.<br>

Check the box next to&nbsp;<b><i>Force HTTPS</i></b>. Using an SSL certificate for your domain name is&nbsp;<b><u>HIGHLY RECOMMENDED</u></b>&nbsp;FOR MANY REASONS, so do get an SSL and then check that box. <br><br><b><i><u>Do not check it UNLESS you have already setup the SSL certificate.</u></i></b>

You may leave the&nbsp;<b><i>Use 1 opt-in</i></b> option as is (unchecked).

You may leave the next option&nbsp;<span><b><i>URL to redirect new users after</i></b></span><br><span><b><i>their registration is confirmed</i></b>&nbsp;</span>as is (unchecked) for now, unless you want to redirect people to a specific page on the web after they confirm their registration.

You may leave the next option&nbsp;<span><b><i>URL to redirect new users when</i></b></span><br><span><b><i>they log in to Delavo for the first time</i></b></span>&nbsp;as is (unchecked) for now.&nbsp;<br>

The Auto-add to users section is a powerful once, since you can automatically assign a membership, and/or a Privilege package and/or add new users to an affiliate program. <b>It's an advanced configuration though, hence you may leave it as is for now.</b>

<b>You may not deal with the next 2 fields either</b>, since they are extremely powerful if you have a developer and want to connect DELAVO with your software or script. Your developer will know what to do using DELAVO API.

When your customers and affiliates login to DELAVO, they can see what you will display in your "Welcome Screen" here. You can activate that functionality by checking the&nbsp;<b><i>Enable Welcome screen</i></b>&nbsp;box, and then add anything you want in the editor.<br>

<span><span><span><span><b><i>Admin Dashboard</i></b> if activated will display 3 charts in your administration area related to your revenue in the last 7 days, 30 days and forthcoming subscriptions. You can enable it and check it once you save the changes.<br></span></span></span></span>

<b>Labels is a VERY powerful functionality in DELAVO</b> and in this section you can activate them. For now you're suggested to check the following:<br><br><b>- Store/Packages</b><br><b>- Store/Products</b><br><b>- Users</b>

<b>You are suggested to check the box&nbsp;</b><span><b><i>Disable registration button on the login screen</i></b> UNLESS you want to allow people to register an account with your DELAVO when they reach your DELAVO site.&nbsp;</span>

<b>You're suggested to check the box <i>Enable E-mail log</i></b>, in order to<b><i>&nbsp;</i></b>see what messages a user has received from you via DELAVO. <i>You'll understand this better, when you get involved deeper in DELAVO, but it's wise to activate right in the beginning.</i><br>

<b>Do not deal with the&nbsp;</b><span><span><span><span><span><b>Reference subscriptions settings' section at all. It's designed to facilitate credit card payments via DELAVO.</b> When you reach that level, you'll know what to do there.</span></span></span></span></span>

If you use DELAVO with JVZoo, this is where you'd add your <b><i>JVZOO secret key</i></b>. You can leave it blank for now and fill it when you're ready.&nbsp;

Click <span class="component"><i><b>Save</b></i></span>

That's it. You're done.