What's Included In the DELAVO TOOLBOX

In short, everything an Internet Marketer needs packaged by Internet Marketing Expert John Delavera and wrapped with the most robust tools you can find online.

DELAVO License and all future upgrades

Value $997 or $47 p/m

Hosting to our DELAVO compatible server

Value $27 p/m

Over 44+ Recorded Webinars.

Value $47 p/m

LIVE Help & Step by Step Tutorials

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Access to DELAVO Forum

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Points' VAULT (Coming soon)

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We Proudly Present…

Getting up and running with DELAVO is

as Easy as 1, 2, 3:

Get DELAVO (Either the on-premise or use our hosting). In just a few clicks you can be up and running.

Now you have everything you need to have a professional and fully featured eCommerce sales site, complete with ALL the tools and plugins to turbo charge & automate your Internet Marketing, at your fingertips:

  • Add your products
  • Build your campaigns with the in-built features

Build Your affiliate network. Unlike other CRM tools in the marketplace, DELAVO is tailored to the unique needs of the Internet Marketing professional, and the marketplace in which they sit. The inbuilt tools in DELAVO allow you to quickly build and capitalise on Affiliate marketing partnerships, and best of all everything your affiliate partners need is already built in, so they too can be up and running and selling your products in just a few clicks. DELAVO will grow with you so you can have as many memberships, users, mini-sites, products, offers, launches and affiliates as YOU WANT…running at the same time. Now it is time to make as much money as you want, it is that simple!

No Other Customer Relationship System Comes Close to DELAVO In Functionality or Performance

Where Did DELAVO Come From?

From the desk of John “Turbo” Delavera

Hi Everyone,

Internet Marketing is TOUGH – and highly addictive. I know it because I caught myself addicted to it, years ago I had the wild ambition to become an Internet Marketer, when I received my first check. It was $10, my wife looked at me and asked me:

“Is this the reason you had been working late all these years?”

She was right of course. Or wasn’t she?

You see… The addictive element of Internet Marketing is that there is no ceiling to the profits that you can make from the Internet. NOBODY can understand that until they do it.

DELAVO was born from this passion, with a simple plan, and that plan was to become an Internet Marketer. As I worked towards that goal, I found that there was not an all-inclusive-tool that could help the budding Internet Marketer or the old guard move to the next level.

DELAVO encompasses ALL the tactics and skills that I have personally used to crack the code of Internet Marketing. I built it from the ground up to be the platform that I needed to enable my Internet Marketing successes and it has been grown up with the suggestions of its users of it.

Today any Internet Entrepreneur finally has all the tools and techniques under one roof. DELAVO expands with you, so you can use it to make $10 or $1,000,0000 and more. It can handle everything you want to achiece and is robust enough to host millions of records..

Our Users Love DELAVO…

Edmund Loh

Andrew Cocks

Henry Gold

What can I say...

If you a newbie, this is a must Internet Marketing mental training you have to join to make your path is at the RIGHT WAY. If you an Internet Marketing player, this is a technical training you have to take to evaluate and improve your WAY TO SUCCESS. If you an established Internet Marketer, this is an overall training you have to join to strengthen and GO BEYOND where you are now. I can't stress it more.

John Delavera is an High Class Internet Marketer Mentor."

- Sudarmaji Lamiran

"There is no “Get Rich Quick” deals, only hard work and persistence.

The code helped me focus on my years of stumbling around on the internet to realize why I have failed. I found that I was making ALL the mistakes you can make but the code gave me the knowledge to work on correcting them.

It also enforced the fact that I have the persistence to be able to make a successful business online and look forward to having you, John, as my mentor.

Thanks John!"

- Peggy Shirrel

"How many courses that promise to reveal the real keys to online success will have you shouting out loud with joy and jumping off your chair with glee by the end of it?

How many will reveal all the *proven* knowledge and techniques you'll ever need to arm yourself with in such an immersive way that you simply can't stop reading until your quest is complete?

Just one.
The Delaverian Code.

A big 'thank you', John!"

-Adam Jetson

“Why DO I Need DELAVO?”

As an Internet Marketer, you are often working alone and late into the night on your campaigns and product launches. You’ve probably found that the current crop of tools lack all the features and capabilities you need to run your business, meaning you have to create a “Frankenstein’s monster” of tools to achieve your aims.

  • Traditional CRM tools are not tailored to eCommerce and Internet Marketing
  • Website development architectures aren’t geared to Internet Marketing
  • Existing frameworks don’t play well together
  • Affiliate management is often an after thought
  • No need to have a separate tool to securely deliver your products
  • Many systems don’t allow you full manipulation of your user/affiliate/product/course catalogues

"Your All-in-One Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution"

Why You Should  Use DELAVO For Your Business

(No Other Internet Marketing CRM Framework Offers More!)

Unlimited Memberships

  • Unlimited memberships on your domain/server or any other remote server.
  • Unlimited WordPress memberships

Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Detailed records
  • Mass mailings
  • Import users
  • Custom fields and Labels (tags)
  • Badge based grading system
  • Advanced privilege template

Unlimited Shopping carts

  • Unlimited shopping carts (create different stores for different types of products, different subsites, anything you want)
  • Unlimited products in unlimited categories
  • Built-in reviewing and ratings system
  • File storage, either within DELAVO or somewhere else like Amazon Cloudfront and S3, Dropbox, Mediafire or where ever you want that uses a link to the file

Unlimited Affiliates

  • Unlimited affiliate groups
  • Detailed records
  • Unlimited tiers
  • Campaigns & Campaign Management
  • Multiple Affiliate Levels
  • Commission based mass pay
  • Royalties management

Unlimited Autoresponders

  • 1-Click autoresponder attachment & activate on order
  • List user maintenance and duplication to new lists
  • Complete customisation using system tags
  • Text or HTML messages
  • Configurable response time (instant, N delay, Days, minutes, seconds
  • Co-send any scheduled message to 3rd party
  • SMTP capabilities INCLUDED

Unlimited Pages

  • Unlimited fully customisable content pages
  • Use any template
  • Control who can access individual pages by user and group permissions
  • Grant/deny access per membership.
  • Login/Logout and Forgotten Password forms created in 1-click
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor

Unlimited Content Series

  • Drip-feed content series to individual or multiple products
  • Deliver secure content upon purchase
  • Create unlimited records
  • Use ANY template

Unlimited Courses

  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited lessons within courses
  • Attach courses to products
  • On purchase, INSTANT SECURE delivery
  • Add links, files, videos on each lesson
  • Use ANY template
  • Fully customisable per customer
  • Instant deactivation if refund or cancellations are requested

Unlimited Autonomous Mini Sites

  • Unlimited mini sites
  • Each subsite can have its own unique customisable template
  • Each subsite can have its own login page
  • Each subsite can have its own offer and members’ pages

Unlimited Surveys

  • Unlimited surveys
  • Auto display them on any or all “Thank you” pages or funnels

Unlimited *Real* One Time Offers

  • Unlimited one-time NON repeatable offers per product or product set
  • Unlimited upsells and downsells per offer
  • Automatically display Yes/No options
  • Fully customisable OTO content
  • Fully customisable templates

Unlimited Invoices

  • Unlimited & fully customisable invoices
  • Use any template
  • Send as TXT, HTML, PDF

Order Abandonment System

  • Automatically send messages for incomplete orders
  • Fully customisable messages
  • Automatically add to a Follow Up Series (internal Autoresponder)

Full Records For Each User, Customer & Affiliate

  • Anything you need to know for your customers
  • Fully control ALL data
  • Add users, edit and delete records
  • Add privileges
  • Assign affiliate programs
  • Full emails logs of all outgoing messages

Detailed Statistics & Reports

  • Full statistics and reporting
  • Customisable report requirements
  • Customer reports
  • Affiliate reports
  • Referrer reports
  • Conversion reports
  • Widgetized reports

Built-In Helpdesk System

  • Unlimited departments
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Auto respond to tickets
  • All messages and responses saved and available online
  • Assign staff (unlimited users)
  • Access control
  • Manage access by user/group/membership

Built-In Rewards & Points System

  • Unlimited reward programs
  • Allow members or customers to cash in points for products
  • Auto scheduling of reward program
  • Design and run one-off promotions
  • Control and manage who and when can access individual programs
  • Run special promotions for granting xN points

Fully Customisable Templates

  • IMPORT ANY set of templates, to fully customise the DELAVO experience
  • Fully customizable Order Pages
  • Fully customizable Shopping cart templates
  • Fully customizable Mini-Sites templates
  • Fully customizable Member Areas
  • Many more

Additional Features

Multiple Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
  • ClickBank
  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • Offline Payments
  • Many Other Systems

1000's of Peoples Already using DELAVO

See what they say About DELAVO

Wayne Gillies

Nathan Romano



Had I been a millionaire, I’d have invested all my money into the man, DELAVO and his vision. Don’t sit on the fence. JUMP in with both feet and get involved today as it’s a no-brainer. Remember those words.

Nick Bullimore

I pretty much jumped on it, because it's a great opportunity to add to an existing business or to start a new one from scratch. Like they say: “The early bird gets the worm…” and so far in the IM field that has ALWAYS been the case!

Eric Koch

My immediate goal is to reach $10,000/month. I act quickly, and believe that John, with his focused team, can make it happen. John commits, I commit, we-all commit = Success..

Paul J Hindelang

Let's Compare DELAVO With Others

The greatest moments are when you have the possibility to jump on when the rising of a highly stable product just starts to happen and you can enjoy the full ride in a fully embed seat. I invite you to join and enjoy the ride!

Luc Angevaare

f you are looking to improve your financial situation, you should consider becoming a partner in the Club of Delavo. The future of Delavo is very bright!

Jan Battin

Access to The Delaverian Code

I built my return in Internet Marketing by implementing what the 'Code'
teaches. And you can do the same!

You'll be receiving 1 Module per week For the Next 20 Weeks

Here is what you will learn from each Module.
And the Journey Begins

Covers the essential ingredients you MUST HAVE to be successful online.

An intro to the thoughts, ideas and formulas that will forever change the way you conduct your business, and even how you live your life.

Why the code is as old as the dawn of civilization.

Why all success begins with you, and what you need to cultivate and have to reap the rewards of which you're capable.

The seven values you MUST HAVE. Miss just one of these, and you're doomed to failure.

The utterly stupid reason why most people fail online, and why they will continue to do so (you won't, when you know the simple secret.)

The Fall of the Gods

The greatest cover-ups in history, including the Internet marketing conspiracy

The myths of Internet marketing, and how to overcome them

The essential truth of Internet marketing, as illustrated by the Egyptians of 1600 B.C.

How Internet marketing relates to self-cannibalism, and what to do about it

How to reap success beyond your wildest dreams

The Woman, The Box and The Curse

Why Internet marketing is like Pandora's Box

How to control your own fate, and the fate of your business

The basics of online business

The two most profitable types of products to sell online

The many varieties of digital products

The Clockwork Van Gogh

The REAL secrets to online marketing success

The essential missing ingredients to your campaigns

How to find the perfect concept

Finding the right niche

The essential step that ensure the capture of a market

The formula for determining the perfect market

The truths that have transpired behind the scenes since the dawning of the World Wide Web

The things no one will ever tell you (until now) because they are too powerful, and power is always expected to be kept by a select few

The Breaking of the World

The _______ that broke the world

How to anticipate failure in such a way as to bring about success

The essential ingredient to your online success

Brand new evidence of _______ _______, and what it represents to present day marketers (it's NOT what you think!)

How to transform your ideas into profitable products

How looking at the big picture can increase your list exponentially at no cost to you

How to create each and every kind of digital product that can be sold online

How to test drive your products before you create them

Knowing the tricks of the trade

The President's Words and The Weapons of War

How to gather vital resources

Which digital tools are essential to your success

Which tools are a waste of your money

How to make the right investment in resources

The indispensables of a great website

Ingredients to a killer landing page

How to craft a sales letter that gets orders

How to woo your list into a long term buying relationship with you

Your team, Your family, Your army

My pathetic start in affiliate marketing, and the lessons I learned

How affiliates can earn more by NOT competing with each other

How I grossed $XX,XXX on two weeks work, and how YOU could do this as often as you like

How to select and assemble the right _______

How to produce more in less time

How to properly _______

How to organize and motivate your _______

What ancient Chinese texts taught me about Internet marketing

Socrates and The Self

The vagabond king on Internet marketing

Know what you know, and know what you don't know

Why what the "gurus" tell you to do is the OPPOSITE of what they actually do themselves

What your online _______ is and how to create it

Why the right _______ is essential

How your _______ can multiply your success online

The Power of Propaganda

How to use _______ to exponentially maximize your business

How to use _______ with your particular _______

How a world leader created the first _______, and what it means for you

How to become labeled as an expert in your field overnight

How to make the success of one product rub off on your other products

How to maximize your profits with _______ and _______ opportunities

How to convey an immediate aura of _______

Should you use your _______ or a _______?

7 reasons viral campaigns fail

The six elements you MUST have in place to have a great viral campaign

Networking Your Online Persona

Why marketing just your PRODUCT will lose you money in the long run

How to distinguish yourself from the crowd

Tactics for getting new customers to notice you

How to get your current customers to buy from you over and over again

The secret tactic that increases sales of ALL your products automatically

The most powerful viral marketing strategies in the online business world

The Fallen Tower and the Riddle of the Languages

How mere seconds can mean the difference between success and failure

How to find and enlist a small army of skilled workers to help you succeed

One of the three ultimate secrets to my online success revealed
How to save time, expand your business, become more competitive and boost your income with just one change to your business

The five things to watch out for when hiring freelancers

The six criteria for finding the RIGHT freelancer for your job

How to protect yourself and your work

Networking Your Online Persona

Three war tactics the Roman empire used to win battles that you can use to win online

The most important strategy of all

The one item no warrior or Internet marketer should be without
The essential ingredient to creating a rock-solid foundation for your business

The simple secret of the best minds in history

How to write your own memoirs on the fly

How to never feel lost or at a loss in your business

The best way to beat the number one enemy of Internet marketers: procrastination

The fatal mistake marketers make when they experience their first big success

How to make sure you never experience a loss in your online business

The eight elements of business success

The Changing World

What ancient and modern farmers alike can teach you about Internet marketing

How anyone can _______ all but two aspects of their business

How to efficiently _______ _______ _______ with less labor, fewer resources, increased productivity and profits

The five crucial steps to _______ your _______

My favorite formula for writing sales pages

How to convert your non-buying traffic into happy purchasers

The five most popular methods for getting your website URL out all over the Internet

The Brotherhood

What ancient China can teach you about teamwork and excellence

How to forge a _______ of fellow warriors who will be there for you anytime you say the word

The 12 mutual expectations of an online _______

The trade secret for guaranteed success that the gurus would rather you didn't know about

The five ways to leverage yourself into a _______ of like-minded marketers

Trust and Industry

Columbus and the Chinese Shocker

The surprising critical element of the centuries old Chinese business culture

How to build _______ into all of your business relationships

Why EVERYONE is your potential joint venture partner, and no one you meet is dispensable

Guidelines for establishing excellent _______ with would-be members of your _______

Effective ways to keep yourself on the minds of your prospects and joint venture partners

Mutual Obligations: The Tale of Two Brothers

The Internet "jet fuel" that will propel you to the highest peaks of marketing success

The 10 collateral obligations expected from members of the _______

Where you'll find the very best information _______ there is
Know when to keep quiet and when to speak up

What to do and what NOT to do when presenting ideas to the _______

Amazing resources and essential readings for anyone serious about Internet marketing

Maximizing the Brotherhood

Secret societies throughout history and into modern times

The three keys that make secret societies powerful

Discover how to effectively utilize the powers that the _______ will supply you

How to get your _______ to create your products for you

The types of products that can become hot joint venture prospects

How to use the _______ as a promotional machine

How to do cross-promotions to increase your product's exposure

How to get resale rights to hot products that have been EXCLUSIVELY sold by only ONE business

The Deity Who Died

Maximizing Your Online _______

The obvious importance of traffic to your site and how to get it

Why the conventional sources of traffic will NOT make you rich
The 19 traditional methods of driving traffic

5 reasons why trying to be tops in the search engine may not be the best route to take

How user driven systems can generate an astounding amount of traffic to your website

The eight steps to using the _______ and _______ method to generate bucket loads of traffic to your site

What I personally consider to be the heart of the next generation of marketing strategies

The Ten Commandments of Online Business

1st Commandment - you've heard this one before, but do you do it?

2nd Commandment - not following this one is a fatal mistake

3rd Commandment - a dangerous weapon that can be used for good or evil

4th Commandment - the critical ingredient to any product you create

5th Commandment - this one is straight out of the old testament

6th Commandment - the essential element of communications

7th Commandment - NEVER do this

8th Commandment - the greatest temptation you'll ever encounter

9th Commandment - the sooner you realize this one, the sooner you'll have success

10th Commandment - the tradition you're expected to carry throughout your online career

Winning the War

What a video game can teach you about Internet marketing

The skills you must have to sustain success online

How to enjoy substantial income in 2 to 3 months time

Why premature expansion is your enemy

The fuel that will help you drive your online business

Beware of false "gurus" bearing false witness

Three little words that spell the difference between making a few bucks and raking in the dough

Weeding out the junk to find the important things


Upon the completion of The Delaverian Code, you will receive....

All the methods I personally used to win the bet with myself and tame Internet Marketing!

My METHOD is the collection of EVERY TACTIC I used to CRACK the code of the Internet Marketing. You get EXACTLY what you need to compete with the so-called GURUS. Period.

This revolutionary approach to online marketing and product development will significantly differentiate your business from other online businesses...

The methods will make it happen faster and easier than ever before!

The Delaverian Marketing Method makes it happen faster by allowing you more time to focus on the creation of new Product ideas and dynamic marketing strategies.

Helping you sell more Products AND save more time!

A unique approach to Product development, enhancement, management, and promotion that outshines any other online tool or strategy for online marketing and niche products.

Here are some of the powerful 'Methods' revealed in the course:
  • The 'Tele-Porter' Method that will bring in thousands of new customers to your sites on complete autopilot
  • The 'Satellite' Method designed to drive endless streams of traffic to any product you promote or sell.
  • The 'Whirlpool' Method this powerful yet simple to apply tactic will add thousands of fresh leads to your lists like clockwork
  • The 'Whistle' Method - This is an advance and sometimes controversial technique to fly in under people's radar and get them to buy products without directly 'selling' them.
  • The 'Pay Me Once' Method that will allow you to forge lifetime relationships with your customers and increase your revenues overnight.
  • The 'Pay & Spy' Method you'll be blown away by this technique that is so underused yet so powerful and a great way to maximize income on all your future product releases.
  • The 'Sponsor & Benefit' Method that gives you the perfect opportunity to build trust, integrity, and loyalty from your customers and have them drooling for your new products
  • The 'Isaac' Method - Beware, this is a VERY radical tactic that can melt your servers with new customers and subscribers and decimate your competition - not for the faint hearted

You could literally grab this course right now and put any one of these methods into play and likely recover your investment back almost immediately - they're that powerful!

Occult Marketing's Studies

Once you have read all the Modules of the Delaverian Code and have received the Delaverian Marketing Methods...

You'll be receiving my Occult Marketing' Series 1 Study Per Week for 47 Weeks

The Forbidden Knowledge Exposed!

"Occult Marketing" is a course of 47 Studies, 5 Rings in total.

I had been using the science behind "Occult Marketing" for reaching my own success online and eventually decided to expose that knowledge to open minds around the world.

NOT for everybody.

This knowledge is exceptional.
And dangerous too.

Mass can indeed be manipulated by those that can "read" the signs, the behavioral patterns, the symbols in today's market and the archetypes related to marketing.

You will access OCCULT MARKETING after you finish with THE DELAVERIAN CODE and the DELAVERIAN MARKEITNG METHOD - because what is discussed in those FORTY SEVEN (47) STUDIES is NOT for everybody. .

You need to OPEN YOUR MIND first through "the Code," then understand the inner workings of the Internet Marketing, and then, ONLY THEN, proceed with Occult Marketing.

Here is a glimpse of what is included to RING 1 (1,053 pages, 305,602 words)

Study 1

What is Occult Marketing: Liberating Powers of the Mind For Covert Hypnosis, Forbitten Persuasion and Invisible Influence

41 pages, 9,974 words

Study 2

Jordan Maxwell: Authority on Ancient Religions, Godfather of Seccret Societies, Mind Control Expert and Truth Seeker

62 pages, 15,135 words

Study 3

Hidden World of Commercial And Government Mind Control: Secret Psychological Weapons of Mass Distruction and Deception and the Unsung Kings of Persuasion

73 pages, 23,480 words

Study 4

World Religious Archetypes and Mythologies The Mysterious Origins of Myth and Religion and the Primordial Patterns of Human Consciousness

The study is consisted by 2 files of:
- 33 pages, 11,249 words
- 41 pages, 12,820 words

Study 5

Selling with Storytelling: The "Below the Radar" Persuasion Power of Parables and Other Myth-Based Story Models

The study is consisted by 2 files of:
- 27 pages, 7,760 words
- 44 pages, 14,523 words

Study 6

Universal Mythological Story Patterns Master Lessons in How to Crack the Myth Code

The study is consisted by 2 files of:
- 44 pages, 13,123 words
- 49 pages, 13,923 words

Study 7

Why Fairy Tales Hold Secrets Of Gold An Insider’s Guide to Cracking The Fairy Tale Code

The study is consisted by 2 files of:
- 31 pages, 9,105 words
- 55 pages, 17,147 words

Study 8

The Hero's Journey for Marketers A Practical Guide to Putting the Most Powerful Persuasion Pattern in the World into Action

The study is consisted by 2 files of:
- 62 pages, 21,198 words
- 38 pages, 11,587 words

Study 9

Aladdin And The Magic Lamb Origins and Marketing Insights from the Ultimate Rags To Riches Story

The study is consisted by 2 files of:
- 54 pages, 20,597 words
- 42 pages, 13,191 words

Study 10

Archetypal Branding Secrets For Total Market Domination

48 pages, 10,736 words

Study 11

The Real History of Persuasion

72 pages, 20,340 words

Study 12

Rivers of Money, Streams of Cash

64 pages, 19,598 words

Study 13

Corporate Logo Secrets: Archetypal Symbols and Other Hidden Factors Behind Modern Global Logo Influences

59 pages, 11,240 words

Study 14

Quantum Abundance

64 pages, 18,790 words

What You Get As A DELAVO
BOX Member

  • The DELAVO License (instant access)
  • Hosting of DELAVO on our compatible server (instant access)
  • “On-premise”* installation if you desire (On-premise means your own server, or your own pre-existing hosting provider. See FAQ’s for server requirements)
  • Access to OVER 40+ recorded webinars that guide you; created and presented by Donna Walsh, DELAVO Expert.
  • LIVE Help & advanced tutorials (instant access)
  • DELAVO Forum access
  • All Bonuses.

Created by John Delavera

Internet Marketing Expert, Inventor, Writer

You're in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is DELAVO?
- DELAVO is an Internet Marketing framework, that you install on either your own web server or access via our cloud hosted servers, because it is server based, it requires no client installation to use, and can be used on practically any system with a compatible browser.

Q. Do I need a hosting account? A. As a DELAVO member you get free hosting to our 100% compatible server, so there is no need to search for an extra hosting.

Q. Can I install DELAVO to another hosting account I have?
Yes, you can for as long that server meets the following specifications:
Apache web server
mod_rewrite permissions
CGI file execution in root directory
MySQL 4.0 or later
Perl 5.6 or later, with following modules


If you are uncertain, copy the specs above and submit a helpdesk ticket to the support desk of your hosting provider. Again as a DELAVO member you can use the hosting you get for free.

Because no other package offers the benefits and capabilities that are offered in DELAVO, you have the option to install the software on your own hosting providers systems, alternatively you can opt for hosting on our server for the ultimate solution, high availability, high performance.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?
Once you create your DELAVO license, the completion of the order is considered final. If you do not generate your DELAVO license, you can ask for your money back in 30 days after your purchase.

Q. Is support Offered?
We support the DELAVO instances installed on our server. If you install DELAVO on another hosting provider, we are unable to resolve server issues or errors that are caused by the server, so you will need to contact the support team of your chosen hosting service. Otherwise, we do all other support of the DELAVO software itself.

Q. What will happen if I cancel?
Upon the cancellation of your subscription or a refund of your order all of your membership's privileges (and especially the DELAVO license and the hosting account) will be deactivated instantly and automatically by our DELAVO.

Q. Can I order DELAVO only?
Yes you can. DELAVO is available for a one-time offer of $997. Contact us and we'll serve you.

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