We’re currently re-writing the SMTP functionality so you can use it with any SMTP service that supports TLSv1 on the 587 port. Amazon SES has been tested and it works perfectly.

Update: Import templates, cPanel/WHM plugin, translation platform, and more

It’s going to be a heavy period until December and all new features will be explained in detail when 3 is out, but you may notice some of the new features in your Gold license, especially when it’s an improvement to an existing functionality.

The stable version right now is 2.70 and inside that

Import templates  (completed & added to 2.70)

In 2.70 we added a new functionality that allows you to import sets of pages with all their images, CSS and Javascipt files, etc and use them as templates for

  •  DELAVO’s interface
  • the Packages’ order pages
  • Minisites
  • Shopping carts

The process is simple: create the templates using any HTML or Bootstrap editor, add the tags required by DELAVO, zip everything, select the type of the interface you want to add and import the zip file.

They “key” is to “add the tags required by DELAVO” and you will need a guide for that reason, which will be delivered in December. However, you can prepare your pages from today.

Mobile theme for the order pages (completed – to be added in DELAVO 3)

A new set will be available in Templates, which is responsive and mobile friendly. More templates will be added in the future.

cPanel/WHM plugin (completed – to be added in DELAVO 3)

Through that plugin, you can sell hosting accounts if you have a dedicated server that offers root access, WHM access and cPanel. The plugin stopped working due to some changes in cPanel, but it has been fixed and we added the following functionality:

  • Do nothing when the sale of the hosting account is refunded, or the attached membership expired or the related Paypal subscription is canceled.
  • OR suspend the account when any of the 3 triggers occurs, after N days and send a message to the customer AND terminate the account after Y days and also notify the customer (messages can be customized.)

Translation platform (in progress)

Eight years ago we tried to release DELAVO in various languages, starting with Italian, German and Indonesian. To make the story short, the efforts did not bring result and on that time we did not complete the platform, did not connect it to licensing server, etc.  So, right now we fixed the translation process and you will see us asking for translators soon, and we’re working on setting up the licensing server to serve the new languages’ installation kits too.


Next steps are:

  • Fix and upgrade of the altauth (No more gray screens) plugin
  • Upgrade of the Turbo WP Memberships plugin and adding DELAVO Relievo to it, so you can create memberships inside WordPress controlled by DELAVO and also display customer’s information in posts and pages – being fetched by DELAVO.
  • Revamp of Pages‘ plugin. This is a big change.